Hello my name is Alexandra Irving. I'm in my mid-twenties (a girl never tells) and I'm a sportsaholic. I love every thing about sports: the camaraderie, the fans, the game, the stories, the passion. I was brought up in an athletic household, where we were expected to be able to hit a home run at a ridiculously young age. I played soccer, softball and volleyball growing up and my brother (tried) to play baseball and football. All our spring Saturdays were dedicated to Little League and our fall Sundays were all about football.

I got my start working in the industry at a very young age, refereeing soccer matches for the local league at the age of 12. After that I became an umpire for my brother's Little League, perfecting my "strike" call and learning just how crazy parents can be. I also learned to score keep, a passion that has carried over into my adult life. Yes, I'm one of those old school baseball fans who brings a scorebook to the game and refuses to miss a pitch. 

In high school, I got my first opportunity working for a minor league baseball team as a concession stand shift supervisor. I learned how to cook a mean hot dog, a skill I still have on my resume to this day. That opportunity indirectly led to my first job with a professional sports team, the San Francisco Giants, as a public relations intern in spring training. I got to interview players, build relationships with the media, and learn how a front office works. From there I spent time working with several professional sports teams including the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Rattlers in their PR departments, while obtaining a degree in journalism at Arizona State University.

I currently am a Content Producer for Bleacher Report, the second largest sports website in the US. I get to break news, manage channels, and help make our Team Stream app one of the best in the business. I also work for the Oakland Raiders on the side, helping out the PR department on game days. I literally eat, sleep, and breathe sports on a daily basis and I absolutely love it. 

I have faced some adversity in my career path because I'm a woman, and I've also learned a lot along the way. I want to use my experiences and knowledge to help other women who want to break into the industry be successful. There may not be many of us now, but it's just a matter of time before we're right up there with the guys.