How to Market Yourself

With social media on the rise, portfolios are no longer the norm for marketing yourself and your brand. There's now more ability to get your resume, work samples and name out there. Unfortunately this means more competition. Here's some tips on how to market yourself to get more exposure, and more importantly, the job!

 Be active on social media: This is obvious, but making a Twitter account isn't enough. You need to be active on your sites. Also, it's good to focus on the field you are trying to work in. For example, if you want to work in sports, tweet about games you're watching, connect with writers or athletes by responding to their posts, and try and keep it professional. Employers aren't going to care about your relationship problems or what you ate for dinner. They want to see it as an extension of the position you want. Follow teams, writers, and predominant people in the field you want to work for. I got my first sports PR job because I followed the team and saw a posting for the position. Use it to your advantage and keep the party pictures to yourself.

Start a blog: Find what it is you are passionate about and start a blog. Whether you use it for photos, articles, or just to post your resume, it shows you have the ability to create a website if needed. Most sites like WordPress and Squarespace are really easy to use even if you have no HTML experience and aren't tech savvy. When you write a post, share it on your social media sites. The more exposure you can get, the better.

Create a brand: Do you remember everyone's name when you first meet them? Most people don't, so having a brand can set you apart and make you more memorable. Use it across your social media so people can find you easier. For example I'm the Feminine Tomboy. My website, Twitter and Instagram all include that brand in their user names. It'll make it more easy to market yourself in the future and gives you a chance to show off your creativity.

Make a LinkedIn account: It surprises me how many people have yet to join LinkedIn. It's an extremely useful tool to network and find jobs. You can use your connections to reach out to their connections for opportunities, post examples of work, contact potential employers and put it out there on a professional social media site that you are looking for a job and have your resume, references and work all in one place. 

Make business cards: You never know who, or where, you are going to meet someone who could help further your career. Have business cards made that have your contact information, job title and social media sites on them and keep some with you at all times. You can be creative with them, but make sure the important information is there and legible.

Go to events: No one will see you if you don't put yourself out there. There are constantly sports events going on where you can market yourself. Teamwork Online has networking events at professional sports games and a lot of leagues have job fairs and GM meetings. You can even network when you are going to a game as a fan (just don't do it when you are drunk). Stock up on those business cards and go out there and meet people. You can never have too many connections.

Be confident: Be confident in your knowledge, experience and skills. If you exude confidence, employers will take notice. Dress the part and have your business cards ready. Think of one career milestone that makes you unique to pull out of your back pocket. Remember that you have the most important thing you need to succeed, and that's passion.