The Ugly Truth

I can still remember one thing my mentor told me when I first started working in sports: if you really want to work in this industry, relationships may have to take a backseat.

It sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Not only does working in sports require long, irregular hours but travel and inconvenient job placement. Finding opportunities are hard enough so if you are given one, regardless of the location, it's hard to turn down. If you are lucky to find something near your significant other, the hours and travel can be grueling on any relationship, even a strong one. 

The easiest solution is to date someone else in the industry. Someone who understands that you may not be able to go to their sibling's wedding because you are on the road. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds. And a lot of times you enter the industry with a significant other and neither parties are prepared for what it entails. 

Working in sports is extremely rewarding and has a lot of bonuses, but it also includes sacrifice. If you want to fulfill your dreams and reach your highest potential, sometimes you will lose relationships because of it.  You may be forced to make a decision: your career or love life.

There will be partners who are able to put up with your grueling schedule or location, and I urge you to hold onto those and be thankful. One of the biggest reasons we find success is because of the people who support us. If you don't have someone, I urge you to throw yourself into your career wholeheartedly. You'll never forgive yourself if you give up the opportunity of a lifetime just to sustain a broken heart.