Here I some tips I have if you are a woman looking to pursue a career in sports:

1. Dress to impress: You will already be judged for being a woman in the locker room. Don't give the players, coaches or other employees a reason to doubt your intentions even more. Always dress professionally and cover up. You want to get attention for your work, not your breasts.

2. Know your stuff: I can't highlight this enough. Because we are women, we always have more to prove. It will always be suggested that we don't know as much as the men. We will have to study harder, prepare harder, and work harder. But there is nothing more satisfying than shocking the heck out of men around you because you know as much, if not more, than they do.

3. Build relationships and network: This industry is all about who you know. Make and maintain relationships with your former bosses, coworkers, and peers. You never know when an opening could come up in their company. They also know a lot of people and can recommend you for jobs down the line. Network, network, network.

4. Don't be afraid to fail: And if you do make a mistake take ownership of it, promise it'll never happen again, and move on. Everyone is human and no one is going to hold it against you if you are honest about your shortcomings. If you place the blame on others, that's when you can get yourself into trouble.

5. Ask questions: Your bosses and coworkers will respect you if you ask questions. It shows you care about what you are doing and want to get better. When you assume, bad things can happen. Also, if you never ask the answer is always no. Ask about that raise. Ask about that time off. The only person you are hurting when you don't is yourself.

6. Act professionally: Pretty obvious here. Don't try and get autographs or photos with the players. Don't make comments that reflect the company or team poorly. Don't say or do things on social media that you wouldn't want your employers to see. You may get approached by an athlete or coach. Be polite and turn them down kindly. Working in sports you are always in the public's eye and you want your impression to be a good one.

7. Stay true to yourself: if someone puts you in a situation you don't feel comfortable in, get help. Just because we are women, we shouldn't be objectified or treated inappropriately. Your bosses should be on your side in these situations and if they aren't then you may be working for the wrong company. Your safety is of utmost importance and you should never sacrifice it for a job. Ever.